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Cikk-cakk Hírszőnyeg. Söpörd be alá!

Küldd be rövid cikkeidet, azonnal megjelenítjük.

Kategóriák ABC sorrendben

A (70)
B (48)
C (23)
D (9)
E (54)
F (52)
G (18)
H (35)
I (27)
J (13)
K (85)
L (25)
M (47)
N (24)
O (19)
P (34)
R (29)
S (87)
T (50)
Ü (24)
V (46)
W (10)
X (1)
Y (1)
Z (15)


  • The enthralling Opening Night of The Jungle Book took place at Budapest Pesti Theatre on 26 June 1996 and 17 years later, in 2013 the 1000th performance entranced the audience at this prestigious theatre. The show still continues to attract young and old, children and adults, families and singles. Des’s mesmerising and unforgettable music and Geszti’s witty and unique lyrics magically depict a young boy’s journey into adult manhood while encountering friendship, cruelty, bravery, hatred, generosity, greed, revenge, and love.

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